Elite Performance

elite performance

Where athletes become champions

Customized training programs designed to elevate your skills, speed, and strength. Your path to athletic excellence starts here.

At Gold’s Gym Dutchess County, our Elite Performance program is designed to help athletes refine their skills and elevate their game. Through targeted conditioning and specialized exercises, our expert trainers equip you with the tools you need for continuous improvement.

Elite Performance programs

training for all types of athletes

1-on-1 training

Personalized Athletic Development

There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there’s one in ‘win.’ Our 1-on-1 training focuses on individual skill development, from mastering new techniques for increased power to honing your speed and agility. Get the personalized attention you need to outperform the competition.

Small Group Training

Teamwork makes the dream work

Whether you’re a dynamic duo or a formidable squad, our small group training is designed to enhance team chemistry. Through strength, speed, and endurance exercises, you’ll not only improve individually but also learn to function better as a unit. Get ready to dominate your next season.

Full Team Training

creating Synergy for success

Success on the field or court is a team effort. Our full team training programs focus on building team synergy through specialized circuits and workouts. Improve your individual skills while fostering a team environment that’s geared for victory. 

Drop-in Elite sessions

open to all athletes

We offer drop-in sessions designed to make you a well-rounded athlete, regardless of your sport. From soccer to lacrosse, our coaches will lead you through programs aimed at improving speed, strength, agility, and injury prevention. Weekly classes are available now.

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