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Your Fitness Journey, Tailored to You

From beginners to athletes, our certified personal trainers craft workouts that fit your goals and lifestyleโ€“both in the gym and at home.

Starting a new workout routine can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. At Gold’s Gym, our certified personal trainers are here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a team looking to up your game, a group of friends aiming to get fit, or an individual seeking one-on-one coaching, we’ve got you covered.

PT Studio

Small Group, Big results

Experience the benefits of focused coaching in our PT Studio. Led by our expert trainers, these small-group sessions are designed to elevate your fitness and form. It’s professional guidance, delivered in an intimate setting.


The Details Matter

When you work one-on-one with our certified trainers, you’re not just going through the motionsโ€”you’re mastering them. Our coaches pay attention to the nuances of form and function, motivating you throughout your personalized workout. And yes, we offer this expertise virtually, bringing top-notch training right to your living room.

Elite Performance

be Unbeatable

Are you an athlete looking to gain a competitive edge? Our Elite Performance program at Gold’s Gym LaGrange is designed to fine-tune your skills and get you game-ready. Feel confident, feel strong, be elite. Learn more about Elite Performance training.

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Fishkill Trainer

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Fishkill Trainer


Fishkill Trainer


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LaGrange Trainer


LaGrange Trainer


LaGrange Trainer


LaGrange Trainer


LaGrange Trainer


LaGrange Trainer

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Member testimonials

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Fred Jr. Fishkill Member

A very clean Golds, pretty good selection of machines, nice HIIT section and plenty of cleaning supplies to help spread the positive hygiene habits thatโ€™s keeping our gyms safe and sanitary.

Nick U. LaGrange Member

This gym has a wide variety of ways to enjoy working out. From the weights to the boxing room, the basketball courts to the indoor field, you can find a fun way for you to get your fitness on.

A.B. Fishkill Member

This gym has state of the art equipment, friendly staff, and the shake bar is always fun place to be. Boxing room, and every machine you need to get a workout worth its weight in gold( pun intended).

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