Shake Bar


Whether you’re getting ready for your next session or cooling off after an intense lift, your body needs energy to keep you running – and that’s where we come in.


Say goodbye to high-calorie, low-protein smoothies that don’t give you the nutrition your body craves or the fuel your muscles need. Conveniently located at the front of each club, the Gold’s Shake Bar has something for everyone. 


Whether you…


> Like plenty of veggies and fruits in your shakes (I Love Veggies)

> Have a sweet tooth for chocolate protein and peanut butter (Peanut Butter Cup)

> Need a hit of caffeine to keep you energized (Java Jolt)

> Are all about that oatmeal and protein life (Mo’ Mass)


… we’ve got a variety of flavors, add-ins, and substitutions that will give your body exactly what it needs while still tasting great. We even have shakes just for the kids (Cookie Monster, Strawberry Shortcake)!

Next time you’re looking to refuel during that 30-minute anabolic window after your lift, you know where to go!