The Net Sports Complex

The Net Sports complex

The Ultimate venue for your next event

Offering a versatile, climate-controlled space for sports, events, celebrations, and more. Your next big event starts here.

Looking for a venue that can handle just about anything? You’ve found it. With 28,000 square feet of climate-controlled indoor turf and an additional 14,000 square feet of sports court, The Net Sports Complex is ready to host your next big event. From sports tournaments to comic cons, we’ve got the space if you’ve got the need.

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A Flexible Venue for Nearly Any Occassion

Welcome to a venue that is as versatile as your event needs. Whether it’s a Karate belt ceremony, a home show, or a multi-team sports tournament, our facility is designed to adapt. The Net Sports Complex has been the backdrop for a wide range of events; from consignment sales to Comic Con, we’ve done it all. Let us make your next event a memorable one.

Sports and Fitness Events

Ideal for everything from team sports tournaments to fitness expos. Our space has hosted dynamic events like regional athletic competitions, offering a versatile setting for both participants and spectators.

Exhibitions and Fairs

Perfect for trade shows, expos, and community fairs. Our facility has seen a variety of events, including large-scale expos and cultural festivals, providing ample space for vendors and attendees.

Corporate and Networking Events

Suited for business conferences, corporate gatherings, and networking events. The adaptable space can be tailored for professional settings, including workshops and seminars.

Celebrations and Social Gatherings

An excellent choice for private parties, celebrations, and social events. From birthday parties to anniversary celebrations, our venue can be transformed to fit any theme.

Educational and Training Sessions

Ideal for seminars, educational workshops, and training programs. The space offers flexible arrangements to facilitate learning and engagement.

Specialty Events and Unique Gatherings

Our venue is open to a wide array of unique events, from cultural showcases to special interest conventions. Past events have included everything from comic cons to consignment sales, demonstrating our ability to cater to diverse needs.

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